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Salvation Army Major Sixto Ali keeps the gospel at the center of his ministry.
Salvation Army Major Sixto Ali keeps the gospel at the center of his ministry.

Our intrepid spies crossed the Bolivian border to get front-line news from Major Sixto Ali, commander of the Altiplano Division of the Army…

…That is, The Salvation Army.

Sixto’s strategic plan for the William Booth Evangelical School and Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage in Villa Cosmos (both of which are supported by Cross) can be summed up in a word: gospel. He stressed to us that the simple message of salvation through Christ is at the center of everything they do.

“Every single project that we have, especially the ones dealing with children, has at least 15 minutes daily of devotions. Every day the officers and the foster parents at the orphanages and the teachers in the case of schools, they are the ones who lead the devotions. On top of that, a lot of the children attend church and they also have Sunday school… In their activities, leaders try to share the gospel with them, even when they are playing or doing some other activity. We try to incorporate a biblical message.”

How does that message change lives? “In my experience, I see this generation is losing a lot of the values that my parents and other parents instilled in my generation, which are respect, showing love and compassion toward others and valuing life. By reaching out and teaching the gospel, it’s a way to fight for reestablishing these values so they are not lost…

“Children who have access to the word of God and live the word of God are different in their communities because they fear God and they love God at the same time. That has consequences in their behavior.”

A great reminder from Major Sixto to keep Jesus front and center! Please pray that our Bolivian friends remain focused on that calling as they minister to the poor in their communities.

-Tony M.


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