God’s Answer

Charna, 8 years old.
Charna, 8 years old.

I’ve visited Haiti three times since the January 2010 earthquake. Though I’ve interviewed more people than I can even remember off-hand, I still feel that awful pang in my heart when a child tells me they lost their parents in the earthquake.

One child who said those words to me was Charna, who I visited earlier this month at Togetherness in Christ Orphanage, one of our ministry partners near Saint Marc. Charna, 8, at first seems like a normal child. She’s in third grade at school and she’s a very bright student—she proved it by showing us her progress reports. Her favorite subject in school is Creole.

Then I asked her about her family and how she came to live at TIC. I learned her father died in the earthquake. Thankfully, her mother’s life was spared and she still lives in Port-au-Prince, though she is financially unable to care for Charna.

I wonder sometimes how Haiti’s children will ever heal from the tragedy of January 12, 2010. The only answer is God. He’s working in many ways in Haiti, including through Christian ministries like TIC that are helping children recover spiritually and emotionally.

With that in mind, I asked Charna about her Bible classes at TIC’s school and the devotions the orphanage does every day. She responded that she learns about Jesus and the stories of the Bible. “My favorite Bible story is the story of David,” she said.

It’s in answers like these that I feel something different in my heart than the pang of a child’s loss. It’s in answers like these that I feel hope. And it’s in God’s answer to his suffering children that they, too, can feel the same.

-Stephanie J.


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