God Sent You

When 79-year-old Precious lies down at night, he finds momentary relief from the pain that gnaws at his bones by day. After working more than fifty years cutting sugar cane in the Dominican Republic, the Haitian-born immigrant has little to call his own.

Precious, a 79-year-old Haitian immigrant cane cutter who is too old to work, has food to eat every day because of food shipped by Cross with the help of American Christians.

He had to stop cutting cane five years ago because of his health, and since then has had to depend on the kindness of strangers to survive as he has no source of income. He lives in a ramshackle hut made of old boards and rusted tin among other cane cutters in a small shanty community.

Before he began receiving a bag of monthly food staples through a Cross International feeding program, Precious would go many days without regular meals. During a recent trip to the field, he told some staff members from Cross: “When you bring me food, I know it is God who sent you to save me from hunger.”

The feeding program that keeps Precious from going hungry is one of many supported by the food we ship with the help generous American Christians. Shipping food is an easy and effective way to meet the needs of the poor in many countries — and not just their physical needs.

Shipping food sends a tangible message of God’s love to someone who may never have read the Bible or stepped inside a church. While your support helped feed the bodies of the hungry, their hearts were also edified by the knowledge that a Christian cared enough to step out and do something about their need.


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