From Street Life to Farm Life

Edwin agcofra and his wife show off their tomato harvest at Kaibigan Village.
Edwin agcofra and his wife show off their tomato harvest at Kaibigan Village.

We’ve received another great success story from Kaigiban Ministry, a Cross International ministry partner in the Philippines that’s transforming the lives of the homeless.

Edwin Agcofra used to be the sort of man who instilled fear rather than friendliness. Seeing him, those who passed by would avert their eyes and pull their children close. Consumed by drug abuse and suffering from poor health, Edwin lived on the streets and was in and out of prison for theft. He had no job, no home and no social support system other than his fellow street dwellers. Christian evangelists from Kaibigan Ministry tried to reach out to him, but he resisted, too proud to grab hold of a helping hand.

Despite rejection, the evangelists didn’t give up on Edwin – and neither did God. They persisted in their invitations, until finally he agreed to accept help.

Edwin was taken off the streets and placed in a rehabilitation center, where he began to see hope of escaping his destructive lifestyle. Eager to break the chains that had held him captive for so long, he repented of his sins and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Since then, God has blessed Edwin with a wife who is a fellow beneficiary of the Kaibigan program. He, his wife and their baby boy now live in Kaibigan Village, a place where former street dwellers can begin new lives as productive members of society. Instead of begging for food and drugs, Edwin is earning an honest living as a farmer, while benefitting from safe shelter, solar-powered energy and a community water system.

Edwin says God has blessed him with so much that there is nothing left to ask for. What a great testimony to the power of the Gospel to change a life!

-Tony M.


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