From Hurting to Healing

“I wish my mother was alive today to see this house.”

That’s what David Massinga said through his tears when he and his sisters first moved into a new home given to them by Cross International and its generous benefactors through one of our ministry partners in Mozambique.

The Massinga children were hurting — badly! Their mother had passed away

Once vulnerable orphans, the Massinga family is now living in a safe house in a caring community
Once vulnerable orphans, the Massinga family is now living in a safe house in a caring community

from AIDS less than a year before, and they had no family or friends to care for them now that they were orphans.

“We were on the streets, asking people to give us some money to buy something to cook,” said Maria, one of the orphans.

Soon after their mother died, our ministry partner discovered the family, hungry and alone in a collapsing and leaky house. They were immediately placed on our partner’s list of families in need of a home, and recently they moved into a clean, safe new house of their very own in a special housing community for orphaned children.

During the first few weeks, David and his sisters still missed their mother. But a change was about to happen—they were about to go from hurting to healing.

For the first time, the children were surrounded by people who cared for them! Neighbors stopped by to check on them and share the word of God. Ministry volunteers continued to visit and bring food and clothes. They made friends and, for the first time in a long, long time, they felt happy.

“We used to be alone, but now we are not alone,” David said. “We don’t have a mother. But we have a family now.”

Because of gifts from Cross’ generous benefactors, families like the Massingas have a safe and sturdy home, are hearing the Gospel message, and are healing instead of hurting. You can help Cross do the same for other families around the world right now! Click here to learn more about how you can make a difference for a family in the developing world through Cross.


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