From Bully to Worshiper

It can take a lot of perseverance to bring about true emotional and spiritual healing, but Case Bernabe is willing to make that sacrifice of time and energy.

Our friends at this Christian orphanage and school know that loving the vulnerable means more than just protecting children from external threats. It also means addressing internal threats — those that afflict the heart, mind and soul.

Donie Hernandez, a compassionate Christian woman who has become a grandmother figure to the hundreds of children served at Casa Bernabe, recently wrote to us about one particular boy who has undergone a transformation from troubled child to inspiring role model:

“One of the teenage boys, Sergio, has been learning how to play the drums and guitar and has become more involved with the worship team over the last several months.

“He had gotten suspended from school a number of times because he would bully the other kids! God has truly transformed this young man’s life this year! HALLELUJAH! He has come to know God on a more intimate level, and every day he practices his guitar and sings worship songs in his house, no matter who is listening or watching! He has become a role model for many kids after being such a negative example last year. He recently played the drums on a worship team for the staff retreat, and it was evident to all that God has anointed this young man through worship.

Praise and worship plays a central role in the lives of the children and caregivers at Casa Bernabe.
Praise and worship plays a central role in the lives of the children and caregivers at Casa Bernabe.


“It is hard to say only one thing that has made a difference for Sergio. House parents, teachers, youth leaders, everyone has prayed long and hard for this young man. He hears the Word of God at his house, in school, in church, in youth meetings, with almost everyone with whom he has a conversation. Somehow, some way, the Holy Spirit has allowed the Word of God to penetrate his heart, and he really has become a new creature in Christ!”


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