Frank Pastore (1957-2012)

Frank Pastore (left) with Cross International representative Tom Lewis
Frank Pastore (left) with Cross International representative Tom Lewis

Please pray for the family of Frank Pastore, Christian radio talk show host and good friend of Cross International, who went to be with the Lord last week after succumbing to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The 55-year-old former major league baseball pitcher loved Cross’ work and played an instrumental role in many fundraising events at 99.5 KKLA in southern California.

Frank was a committed and outspoken man of faith who will be dearly missed by family, friends and listeners. Amazingly, on his final radio broadcast, just three hours before the accident that ultimately claimed his life, he gave what in retrospect seems like a prophetic farewell address:

You guys know I ride a motorcycle, don’t you? So at any moment … I could be spread out all over the 210. But that’s not me; that’s my body parts. That key distinction undergirds the entire Judeo-Christian worldview and also your pursuit of reality.

A short time later, a car struck Frank’s bike as he rode on the 210 Freeway.

Though his death was a shock, we can rejoice that Frank is now face-to-face with the reality of everlasting life with Christ. He left a legacy of faith and compassion to the thousands of people who tuned in to his program, which was the largest Christian talk show in the country. May we carry on his legacy as we continue to reach out to the last, the least and the lost with Jesus’ love.

-Tony M.


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