Fighting Malnutrition

Rainbow Network Kids
Rainbow Network Kids

“Today, a man working in the field gets paid just enough at the end of his hot day to buy a bowl of rice to share with his wife and 3 or 4 kids. No beans… just rice.  If he doesn’t go back to that field in tomorrow’s 95 degree tropical sun, the family has none! Plus, when figuring in six annual months of rain when work cannot occur (no work = no pay!), it is easy to see how the conditions appear hopeless. For the rural population in our service area, severe poverty indirectly causes more deaths than disease.”

This statement from Rainbow Network founder Keith Jaspers shows why Cross’ support of the Rainbow Network school lunch program in La Paz Centro, Nicaragua, is so important. Together, we are protecting the children of the poor from malnutrition and turning their despair into hope.

-Tony M.



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