Father to the Fatherless

This past Sunday, many of us took time to honor that special someone who taught us how to ride our first bicycle, change our first tire, catch our first baseball, and get through life without calling a plumber or asking for directions. Father’s Day was celebrated in 52 countries around the world, from Cuba to Greece to Afghanistan.

Arms of Love provides safe shelter for orphans and vulnerable children in Nicaragua.
Arms of Love provides safe shelter for orphans and vulnerable children in Nicaragua.

The Bible has some important things to say about the value of godly fathers. “A righteous man who walks in his integrity – How blessed are his sons after him.” (Prov. 20:7) Even the Trinity itself is described in terms of a Father-Son relationship.

Sadly, many children have never known a father’s love. Some are orphans, others abandoned, others imprisoned in a home life wrecked by drug and alcohol abuse. The absence of a father figure helps to perpetuate the cycle of poverty in countries where even healthy, intact families struggle to get by. That includes Nicaragua, where Cross International is working with a local Christian ministry called Arms of Love to provide shelter for children who have been permanently separated from their parents due to death, abandonment, or abuse.

Nine-year-old Luisa came to Arms of Love after government authorities found her alone on a street selling candies. Both her parents were alcoholics and her uncle had been molesting her. Arms of Love took Luisa in, provided food, shelter, and health care, and raised her in a safe, nurturing environment with opportunities to make new friends, receive counseling, and get a quality Christian education. Now she knows she has a Father in heaven who is always watching over her and will never abandon her. Because of Arms of Love, Luisa is able to say, “Finally, I have a family.”

Click here to learn more about the great work that Arms of Love is doing for fatherless and vulnerable children in Nicaragua.


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