Economy Grows but Jobs Needed in Philippines

Things are looking up for the Philippines! In recent years, economic growth has been steadily chipping away at the national poverty level. Still, about seven million Filipinos remain in extreme poverty, surviving on less than 50 cents a day. The country’s leaders face challenges as they work to create improved opportunities that will help poor families stabilize their income, and we pray for their success – particularly for programs run by Christians who share the Gospel. Click here for the news story.

How Cross International is making an impact
Cross International supports Christian organizations that create valuable opportunities for the poorest of the poor. In the Philippines, for example, International Care Ministries (ICM) is implementing a self-help program called Transform, which tackles some of the same obstacles that the government hopes to address. By promoting health, facilitating entrepreneurial experiences and fostering Christian behavior, ICM is increasing the possibilities for positive change. One family at a time, hope for the future is rising.


Bringing Life-Giving Water to Zambia

Only 44 percent of rural Zambians have access to basic safe drinking water services. Only 19 percent have basic sanitation (toilet) facilities. Help bring clean water—and “living water”—to other villages by donating to Thriving Kids Africa campaign.

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