Easter: A Celebration of New Life

The weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday can evoke a complicated mixture of emotion. We are sobered and humbled by Jesus’ agony and death – but we also rejoice with the hope of redemption and new spiritual life Easter celebrates.

As I contemplate the new life I have found in Christ, I cannot help but think of the poor. I think of those bound by hunger and helplessness – and I think of those who have received fresh hope through Christ and His faithful servants. At times, when one of our partners shares about ministry work, it can seem like a microcosm of Easter’s redemption story.

For example, I think of the children at Ambuya Development Center in Malawi. There, boys and girls who were once so hungry that they could not focus in school are nourished both physically and spiritually. Their hunger has been relieved, and they are able to achieve everything God destined for them. With renewed hope, they are eager to learn about a Father who loves them. You could even say their identities have been resurrected in Him.

Families in southern Vietnam also come to mind. Without adequate housing, they once lived in fear, terrified their feeble shacks would not stand through the night. Now, those same families sleep in peace and safety, thanks to new houses provided by Vietnamese churches and benevolent Christian donors.

Every time we visit a project, we witness this kind of transformation. Early on, we see people at their lowest moments, weighed down by an unbearable burden of poverty. Then, as our ministry partners implement their initiatives, we see those same lives renewed, refreshed and restored.

This Easter, remember how the cross has carried you and me from anguish into hope and from death into life. Celebrate how – through Christ’s sacrifice – God has “rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves” (Colossians 1:13). Then, consider how our church could do more to serve the poorest of the poor with our help. We can emulate our Lord’s sacrificial generosity and life-changing love.

May you and your family be blessed as you contemplate redemption this Easter season.


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