Divine Plan for Recovery

Haitians went to the election polls March 20 for the second round of the country’s presidential runoff. Though there was no significant violence or protests, as there was late last year in the first round of voting, the earthquake-shattered country’s future remains uncertain as the people select their new leader.

We at Cross have been praying for a peaceful transfer of power in Haiti and for a leader who can help the 1.5 million homeless earthquake survivors get back on their feet. More than one year after the quake, the Haitian people still

Building new homes for earthquake survivors is one way we’re doing everything we can to help in Haiti.
Building new homes for earthquake survivors is one way we’re doing everything we can to help in Haiti.

face difficult challenges—few employment opportunities, homes and businesses still destroyed, and health threats such as a cholera outbreak—as they pick their new president.

We’re not only praying for Haiti, but we’re also doing everything we can to help. Our support since the earthquake has moved from emergency relief to long-term rebuilding and recovery, such as building homes for homeless earthquake survivors, rebuilding a Christian orphanage destroyed in the quake, and rebuilding several Christian schools that collapsed so that children can continue receiving an education.

What’s amazing about working in Haiti since the earthquake is seeing how God is strengthening his Christian churches and leaders within local communities. Cross works exclusively through existing Christian ministries, and our support meant that those ministries had the resources needed to provide immediate relief when the earthquake struck. They continued to receive support from us through our generous benefactors in the year since the crisis. God used Christians in America to provide for our hard-working partners in communities throughout Haiti, and that support allowed those ministries to help those in need after the earthquake and in the many months following, all in the name of Christ.

During this pivotal election in post-earthquake Haiti, we are reminded that no matter what, God is in control. Every day he uses seemingly ordinary Christian men and women to minister to those in need in Haiti, and we pray he also uses Haiti’s next president to bring about positive change. It’s clear that our generous donors are also part of his divine plan for helping our ministry partners on the ground bring about recovery in Haiti.

To learn more about Cross’ recovery efforts in Haiti, click here.


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