Dare to Dream

Thanks to Cross International’s support of Kondonani, “throw-away” babies are receiving an opportunity for a brighter future.
Thanks to Cross International’s support of Kondonani, “throw-away” babies are receiving an opportunity for a brighter future.

Can you imagine being a kid with no dreams for the future?

Last weekend, as I watched my little nephews pretend they were basketball stars during the final NBA playoff game, I couldn’t help but think of the countless orphans I used to see during my time living in Malawi.

Malawi is a small African nation with big problems. Staggering unemployment, a high HIV/AIDS rate and widespread malnutrition make it difficult for impoverished families to improve their circumstances. Many parents are simply unable to feed their children. Due to cultural and economic pressures, some desperately poor families abandon their babies, leaving them on roadsides, in garbage dumps or on doorsteps.  Others expect their young children to rifle through garbage just to find a bite to eat.

As a result, dreams of becoming the next sports star – or doctor or teacher – are overshadowed by the harsh realities of hunger and poverty.

That’s why Cross International’s partnership with Kondonani (“love one another” in the local Chichewa language) is so important. Cross helps this Christian ministry rescue orphans and abandoned babies and prepare them for adulthood by raising them in a loving environment. At Kondonani, 154 “throw-away” boys and girls are provided with quality education, food and medical care. The support and care they receive gives these children a new sense of self worth and hope that encourages them to dare to dream.

One boy in particular has been on my mind. His name is Joshua and he is 10 years old. He weighed only two pounds when he was brought to Kondonani as an infant. Today he is a healthy and energetic boy who loves to tell stories. Joshua likes to give talks about the Gospel to the children in the nearby village and his dream is to become a preacher when he grows up.

Because of Cross International’s support of Kondonani, Joshua is one step closer to realizing his dream, and in turn, will one day change and bless Malawi.

-Annie W.


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