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rebuilding a school in Dufort that collapsed in the January 2010 earthquake
rebuilding a school in Dufort that collapsed in the January 2010 earthquake
rebuilding the school
rebuilding the school

“The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build…” Neh. 2:20.

On a recent trip to Haiti, I was delighted to see the building projects Cross is working on, all with help from our generous Christian benefactors in the States. One such project is rebuilding a school in Dufort that collapsed in the January 2010 earthquake.

Judging from the bustling construction site, God is certainly helping the construction team as they “arise and build.” Workers were busy pushing wheelbarrows of mixed cement for the foundation of a classroom building and assembling the roof on another. One building was already finished. The school is being built with a special technology that is earthquake-resistant, hurricane-proof, and environmentally-friendly. When finished, it will look just like a regular cement block-style building.

The school is operated by our long-time Christian ministry partner, Calvary Baptist Church (CBC). Cross supports 18 CBC schools throughout Haiti that give poor children a quality Christian education. In addition to the Dufort school, we’re also rebuilding two other CBC schools that fell in the earthquake. In the meantime, children are still attending classes in temporary classrooms.

The director and pastor of the Dufort school, Pastor Coimin Fequis, shared this about the Christian education offered to children at the CBC schools: “I see childhood as an opportunity and school as an opportunity to introduce God to them. The idea is that they accept God at a young age and never move away from that. When they are outside of school and meeting other people, they talk about God and help others come to God. It helps provide guidance for their future choices as well,” Coimin said.

I’m so glad to see the construction progressing smoothly and quickly so that children can continue receiving an education focused on Jesus! Praise God for helping his servants arise and build.

-Stephanie J.


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