Conquering AIDS with the Gospel

A Christian volunteer (center in blue shirt) visits a young AIDS patient and his family in Zambia.
A Christian volunteer (center in blue shirt) visits a young AIDS patient and his family in Zambia.

In Zambia, Cross is helping a local Christian ministry provide home-based care for HIV/AIDS patients and the chronically ill. It’s a grassroots program that’s spreading Christ’s love through neighbors-helping-neighbors.

I’d like to share an inspiring testimony we recently received from ministry staff member Esther Phiri:

Having worked in a secular organization, it was normal to hear about people dying of HIV and AIDS, but not in church. I was, however, compelled to be involved in this ministry when I lost my best friend who was a Christian… It was then that I came to realize that HIV and AIDS were in the church; that everyone was to be involved to come up with any meaningful solution and this was only possible by embracing them as children of God.

This change in attitude inspired Esther to promote AIDS awareness and help break the cultural silence on the issue:

Today, I can comfortably talk to people and encourage them on how to cope with living with the virus and give them hope through Jesus Christ, who strengthens us all…

I must stand where God stands; that is, offer my services to the ailing people in the communities as though I am attending to Christ Jesus. As a member of the body of Christ, I have made a covenant with Jesus to assure the people living with the HIV virus and AIDS that they will never be left alone; but that we are Christian brethren and they deserve our Christian love, care and compassion.

-Tony M.



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