Clean Water, New Life

Ana and her daughters are thrilled to have clean water!
Ana and her daughters are thrilled to have clean water!

For 53-year-old Ana Curazo and her 8 children in Rancho Pando, Nicaragua, contaminated water is now a thing of the past! “We have suffered a lot because of the lack of water,” Ana said. “Now, that is just part of our history.”  Thanks to the Amigos for Christ water and sanitation project funded by Cross International, she now has clean water running directly into her home. Her family can drink as much water as they need, water their garden for a sustainable source of food and enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle. Thank you for helping Cross International change lives with clean water!

-Catherine M.


Uganda Landscape

The Sights and Sounds of Uganda’s culture

Cross International is proud to partner with the Project Princess Initiative to support girls in Uganda, helping them stay in school to gain a complete education and valuable training. Through working with these girls and their communities, our goal is to invest in a bright future for this nation, which offers a fascinating cultural experience to fill the senses with tastes, sights, and sounds not soon forgotten.

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