Clean Water and Sanitation at Schools Remain a Challenge

A new joint UN agency study says that millions of children are going to school without basic hygiene facilities. Over 30 per cent of schools worldwide do not provide safe drinking water, while one third of schools do not provide the most basic of toilet facilities, and nearly 900 million children go to schools with no handwashing facilities with soap and water. click here for the story.

How Cross International is making an impact

Cross International works through our ministry partners to help address the need for clean water and sanitation around the world. We not only provide wells and water systems to poor communities, we also fund critically needed latrines, septic systems, bathing facilities and community training in sanitation and hygiene. And the results of this Christian outreach are very promising – especially when it comes to providing water and sanitation in school facilities. Children no longer miss classes because they are ill from water-borne diseases, and they no longer get sick from quenching their thirst with polluted water.


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