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This Christmas, let’s keep in mind what’s really important.
This Christmas, let’s keep in mind what’s really important.

How do you use the term “I need”?

Around this time of year, you hear those two words a lot. “I need new shoes” “I need a new car” or “I need to eat.”It seems that usually in America we can use the terms “I need” and “I would like to have” interchangeably, without it making much of a difference in the meaning.

However, the sad fact is that most of the world does see a stark contrast between these two terms. Many people living in developing countries overseas do need a pair of shoes – because they don’t currently own one. Or they do need to eat – because they haven’t eaten since breakfast of the previous day.

As exciting as Christmas time is, it’s sobering to think that some people won’t have anything to eat that day. Or worse, won’t be able to feed and clothe their children.

This Christmas, let’s keep in mind what’s really important. Things like spending time with family, cooking, laughing – these are what you remember. As Christians, this time of year is especially joyful, because we celebrate the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here at Cross, we realized that we needed to do something this holiday season to support our brothers and sisters overseas. We also realized that you would want to help too; so we put together the Cross International Christmas Catalog. It’s a collection of simple yet desperately needed items that you can donate towards and give in honor of a loved one.

To check out the items listed in the Cross International Christmas Catalog, visit


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