Child Rescued from the Streets

By the time 9-year-old Arsenio was brought to Kaibigan Community Center, a shelter and ministry for homeless “street-dwellers” in Manila Philippines, he’d already been a runaway since age 6. He’d spent most of the last three years begging with a group of street-kids. A Kaibigan staff member rescued him from the streets and reunited him with his family. At their tearful reunion, Arsenio’s mother, Amalita, hugged him tightly. “I’ve been praying for you to return! I thank God for answering my prayers!” she said.

Nine-year-old Arsenio had run with a group of homeless street-kids begging for coins and food since he was six years old.

Unfortunately, his family was found to be homeless too, living under a makeshift shelter of salvaged cardboard scraps. So Arsenio’s parents and his four siblings, ages 2 – 12, were all invited back to the shelter.

While his parents get back on their feet through spiritual support as well as job training, Arsenio and his siblings are either in preschool or getting tutored to return to public school. His father, Eddie, says, “Soon our children won’t have to worry about whether or not they will eat or where they will live…It’s beginning to be clear that the Lord has plans for our family!”

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