Charity with Dignity

With a microloan, this mom was able to start a burgeoning peanut-butter business.
With a microloan, this mom was able to start a burgeoning peanut-butter business.

You may hear us talk about maintaining the dignity of the poor. Part of having dignity is knowing that you are a valuable, capable human being; and seeing the fruits of your own labor helps build such knowledge.

That’s why microenterprise projects are so beneficial. Instead of a providing handout, they provide a ‘hand up.’ Poor but ambitious people, given a tiny amount of starting capital and a little hands-on training, can generate the income they need to better their lives. Once they pay off their microloan, these entrepreneurs can take pride in being totally self sufficient. Well, semi-self sufficient. They still rely on customers and on God, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The mom in this photo made the peanut butter she’s holding. A microloan paid for the first batch of bulk ingredients and she’s been in the peanut-butter business ever since. The profit she earned provided the funds she needed to send her other kid to school. Now her family can look forward to a productive future — with dignity!

-Nola B.


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