Casa de Vida

Victims of Domestic Violence Desperately Need Your Help

Imagine children and mothers fleeing an abusive situation in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on their back, only to have to sleep in a broken down bed at the shelter they find! Unfortunately, that’s the situation for women and their children seeking refuge at Casa de Vida, a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Guatemala City.

One of the most prevalent crimes in Guatemala is violence against women, which directly impacts their children. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for women to suffer severe abuse and even lose their lives in these tragic situations.

To rescue women and children from this deadly epidemic, Cross International is proud to partner with Casa de Vida and it’s founder, Lesbia Gonzalez. Simply put, Lesbia and her ministry save lives every day. I was there in December to meet first-hand the women and children that Lesbia and her team minister to. They are doing lifesaving, life-impacting work and they do this with very limited financial resources.

The Need

Lesbia recently made us aware of the urgent need for new beds at the shelter. Currently, most of Casa de Vida’s rooms are equipped with very old, worn out beds that can no longer be repaired. They must be replaced.

To meet this need for beds and other critical needs, we are asking you to partner with us to give these wonderful women and children a safe, nurturing environment. Please help us address this urgent need for beds and furniture.

Join us to meet and exceed the goal of $12,000, which will provide:

  • Quality new beds to replace old ones.
  • New furniture for the living spaces—the current furniture is also old and falling apart.
  • Curtains for the bedrooms. Currently, the shelter uses old sheets and disintegrating curtains. New curtains are critical to protect the privacy of the families living in the home.
  • Other needed items such as toilets, clothing and baby items.

Your help is critical to welcoming women and their children into safety. Please—help Cross International provide new beds, furniture and the love of Jesus in Guatemala!

Thank you,
Kelly Miller
President and CEO

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