Building Up God’s Kingdom

On Wednesdays, Cross staff members gather after devotions to hear from our International Projects Officers, the men and women who oversee our relief and development efforts and work with our ministry partners in the field to best serve the poor. Yesterday we heard from Tara McKinney, our Africa International Projects Officer.

Cross is working to build up God’s kingdom around the globe, including through projects in Africa.
Cross is working to build up God’s kingdom around the globe, including through projects in Africa.

In her presentation, Tara related a powerful story from one of our Cross-supported projects in Africa, a story of young children singing a song about building up the kingdom of God. That really resonated with us, because we realize that building up God’s kingdom is a huge part of our ministry, too.

Tara pointed out that only in conjunction with our ministry partners in developing countries can Cross help build God’s earthly kingdom. We use the word “partner” to describe the Christian ministries we work with overseas for a reason, because they truly are committed partners in our work.

Without them, we couldn’t impact the lives of the poor in such a dynamic way, all in the name of Christ. We couldn’t ship and distribute desperately-needed goods to disaster areas in an effective manner; we couldn’t empower local Christian churches and ministries in developing countries; and we wouldn’t reach the poorest of the poor in the most direct and meaningful way.

It’s also true that the partnership between Cross and our overseas ministry partners needs a third component: you. Without compassionate Christians, our work wouldn’t be possible. The Lord uses his people as instruments to build up his earthly kingdom, so that no ear may fail to hear the saving message of Christ.

As we work with our ministry partners to build up the kingdom, we pray that loving Christians like you will join us. Learn how you can help us build up the kingdom of God by clicking here!


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