Bringing Light to Haiti

The lanterns and Bibles provided by our generous donors have brought physical and spiritual light to traumatized earthquake survivors living in tent camps.

Christ called us as Christians to be “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). Hundreds of our donors took that passage quite literally when they helped us provide “light” to Haiti.

Recently our staff distributed solar lanterns and Bibles translated in Creole (Haiti’s official language) to hundreds of earthquake survivors living in tent camps throughout Haiti. The lanterns were a huge blessing to these families who have no access to electricity. The Bibles were a source of encouragement and spiritual light during a very dark time in many families’ lives.

On behalf of everyone here at Cross and the families helped in Haiti, we’d like to thank everyone who made this special outreach possible!

Click here to learn more about the many things Cross is doing to help the people of Haiti recover.

These solar-powered, table-top lanterns acquired at a discounted price by Cross International can also be hand cranked or plugged into a car adapter to produce light. They have 12 LED light bulbs and offer hours of uninterrupted light.


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