God’s Love Shining through in Bolivia

Alexander was brought to Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage in Bolivia two years ago
Alexander was brought to Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage in Bolivia two years ago

When Alexander was brought to Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage in Bolivia two years ago, he bore the tragic marks of physical abuse.

But today, be bears the smile of a boy with a good home who loves Jesus. To those who know him, including the directors of the orphanage Luis and Vivian Figueroa, it’s been a remarkable transformation.

Alexander’s parents abandoned him, and when he arrived at Hogar Remedios Assin (run by our ministry partner The Salvation Army) he had nothing, not even a birth certificate. To this day, Luis and Vivian haven’t been able to find him in Bolivia’s records and they can only estimate his age, which they believe to be 11 today. When Alexander saw other boys at the orphanage celebrating their birthdays, he naturally wanted to have a birthday, too. They decided on September 21.

Alexander attends the nearby evangelical school, where all the other orphanage boys go, and he is learning about how Jesus is his personal Lord and Savior. Luis says Alexander is making great progress and is slowing overcoming his fears that stem from being abandoned and abused.

“He is a very good student,” Luis said. “Sometimes he is afraid we are going to kick him out. We say we would never do that, but he has that fear. We tell him that since they are in a house run by The Salvation Army, they are like sons of The Salvation Army and they would never let him go out into the streets.”

Vivian said boys like Alexander can only overcome their painful past with Jesus. “Many people think that the boys here can’t change because of their behavior from their life before they come here. But faith in Jesus is their foundation and we help them to build upon that foundation. They can change,” Vivian said.

Please pray for God’s love to continue to work in Alexander’s heart and for all the children at Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage!

-Stephanie J.


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