Black Friday

$5 Feeds 20 Children
$5 Feeds 20 Children

Black Friday deals appeal to a wide range of people, and what gets you up and out of bed at 4am may completely fail to motivate someone else. Whatever deals entice you to stand in long lines and endure rough crowds; you do it because there is a reward in the end. You’ve fought and won, getting as much as possible with every dollar spent.

With so many deals and bargains out there, everyone’s looking to get the most bang for their buck. But what if you could get a great bargain and save lives at the same time?

A gift of $5 this season will feed a hot meal to 20 children overseas. Because of the extreme poverty many of these children live in, the meal you provide will most likely be the only one they are able to eat all day. With world poverty levels at an all time high, and 925 million people worldwide unable to find enough to eat on a daily basis, your $5 gift has never been more crucial.

In America, we’re blessed to not experience the crippling poverty that much of the world endures. We’re equally blessed to be given the ability to help our brothers and sisters through some of the difficulties they have grown accustomed to in their daily lives. For just $5, you can make a significant difference in the lives of 20 precious children.

So this Black Friday, as you stand in line for that new TV, take a minute and give a gift that pays off in more ways than we can count. Help feed some kids. And enjoy your new TV.


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