Before & After

Before and After
Before and After

Patrocinio’s family of five lived this shelter made of cobbled-together planks. It was better than nothing, but not much. Bad weather made the family miserable. Plus, they cooked inside over fire, so the air in the house was constantly filled with smoke.  Their living environment was unhealthy and unsafe.

Now they live in this concrete and steel house that keeps the wind and rain where they belong: outside. Cross International provided it through our partner, Amigos for Christ, but Patrocinio’s family helped build it. What’s really nice is the flushing toilet and the open-air kitchen!

Patrocinio said, “We fight just for a little food, and it would have been impossible for us to have a home this beautiful. We are old and this home is not just for us, but for our children who are growing up.  We are very grateful, first to God, and then to the people that helped us build it!”

-Nola B.


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Thriving kids start with a healthy home

Today, 1-1.5 million Guatemalan children and their family members live in homes made of dirt floors, cornstalks, mud, sticks, and any other materials they can find. We pray you’ll support Cross International’s Thriving Kids initiative as we build homes for families.

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