Arms of Love


Valeria was only 7 years old when her parents abandoned her and her two younger siblings. The trio was homeless until a kind neighbor discovered their desperate situation. The children were in very poor health when Cross International’s ministry partner, Arms of Love in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, took them in. Valeria suffered from malnutrition and skin problems, and since she had not attended school, she was far behind her peers.

But thankfully, Valeria has blossomed in the loving, family environment at the Arms of Love home. Her life has been completely transformed by the reliable provision of three meals per day, clean clothing and an education. She is able to attend a Christian school and has proven to be an exceptional student. Her grade point average is 97% and she recently took first prize in the school-wide “Academic Olympics”. Not only that, but she went on to participate in the same competition for the entire city of Jinotepe and won! As you can tell, Valeria loves learning, and one day hopes to become a doctor so she can in turn help others in need.

Besides being a very bright girl, Valeria is also organized and outgoing. She is known for her infectious laugh and continually brings an incredible amount of joy to the family at Arms of Love. She has developed into a role model for her younger siblings and other children, going out of her way to help them and teach them household responsibilities.

Because of the support of Cross International, girls like Valeria are escaping their poverty and achieving their dreams!

-Annie W.



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