An Impoverished School – Incredibly Transformed

La Chuscada School
The beautiful new primary school in La Chuscada will give Nicaraguan children hope of escaping the cycle of poverty.

There’s a new beginning on the horizon for the children of La Chuscada, Nicaragua. This school year, their classroom environment has incredibly transformed — thanks to Cross International benefactors who responded generously to a recent appeal for help.

A year ago, this rural village desperately needed a school building – any school building. Even the most basic, no-frills concrete structure would have been welcome. They just wanted a place to educate their children that wouldn’t leak during rainstorms or collapse around them

God heard their prayers and, through Cross International’s family of donors, responded beyond the community’s wildest dreams.

If you’re picturing a one-room structure with desks and chalkboards, think bigger. Think earthquake-proof polystyrene walls, modern toilets, nautical-themed windows, green outdoor spaces, Peter Pan murals and a big wooden pirate ship! That’s because our in-country ministry partner insisted poor children should get the same educational experience any other child might expect. To that end, they set out to build an innovative community school of the highest quality.

Imagine the beaming faces of these precious kids when they enter their bright new classrooms for the first time — which should be this month if the work is finished on schedule. Young boys and girls who have grown up in dirt-floor shacks will be learning to read and write in an environment that even U.S. children would find fun and exciting. They’ll be getting an education that represents hope for their future — hope of rising out of squalor and becoming tomorrows achievers, leaders and life-changers.


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