Into the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Cross International’s Haiti disaster response team is currently hard at work delivering meals and other crucially needed aid to survivors of Hurricane Matthew.

During its travels, the team has listened to firsthand accounts of that terrifying experience. One couple told how their house began to fall apart in the middle of the night. After one room tumbled down the hillside, they ran to the front porch, hugged each other and huddled behind the door, which had blown open and pinned them against the wall.

A 13-year-old boy living at an orphanage remembered the fear he felt. He said, “They told us we needed to leave because of the wind. They arranged a place for us to sleep inside of the school. I was scared. I was afraid I was going to be blown away. I was scared the wind would destroy people, and I was praying nothing would happen to my housemother’s home. When the storm was over, I saw that my house was destroyed.”

Nevertheless, we know our God is greater than any natural disaster, and we are committed to spreading the hope of the Gospel through the relief and recovery effort. Please pray for safety and success of our disaster response team, as it continues to explore damaged communities and distribute food, medicine, water treatment tablets and other lifesaving aid to the Haitian people.

Cross International disaster response team prays with Haitian survivors of Hurricane Matthew.
Cross International disaster response team prays with Haitian survivors of Hurricane Matthew.




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