A village transformed

A Cross-funded well in a remote Zambian village.
A Cross-funded well in a remote Zambian village.

These Zambian villagers are pumping clean, refreshing water from their new well that was installed last year through funding from Cross.

The name of this remote village is Kalinda. It’s a traditional, close-knit African community that also happens to be very poor and has, for a long time, suffered from a lack of safe water.

We met with village leaders from Kalinda and the surrounding communities of Kazoke, Konde, and Kashimbe for a follow-up on the success of our ongoing Chikankata water project. Our travel guide was Gift Mukombwe, a Zambian man and dedicated Christian who represents our local ministry partner, the Salvation Army.

The village leaders tell us that the well has dramatically changed their lives. In the past, their people were plagued by severe cholera outbreaks and chronic dysentery. But now the cholera outbreaks have ceased, and their overall health and quality of life is better than ever.

Now that this seemingly impossible dream has become a reality for the people of Kalinda, the surrounding communities are asking for additional wells to be dug closer to their homes, so they won’t have to walk so far to get water. Progress happens one step at a time, and while Gift explained that central locations are given higher priority, he encouraged them to remain hopeful and to persist in their prayers to God. He told them, “One day God will give freely, and you will receive freely.”

Thanks to our donors, more wells are being installed every year in rural Zambia. Village by village, dreams are coming true.

-Tony M.


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