A Teacher with a Purpose

Teacher Susy Mejía inspires Guatemalan children to overcome poverty at Potter’s House.
Teacher Susy Mejía inspires Guatemalan children to overcome poverty at Potter’s House.

Meet Susy Mejía, a motivated Guatemalan teacher who grew up among the poor families she now serves as a staff member at Potter’s House, a Cross International partner helping the “treasures” – children – of the garbage dump community in Guatemala City.

Susy’s parents used to survive by scavenging for recyclables at the dump. But after they brought their family to Potter’s House 15 years ago, they found hope for a better future. They overcame alcoholism, gained access to education for their children and heard the good news of the Gospel. Eventually, Susy’s mother became a long-time volunteer with the ministry.

To give you an idea of the unsafe conditions families like Susy’s are coming from, heavy rains in the area recently resulted in dangerous flooding that damaged homes, caused a trash-slide at the dump and led to the tragic deaths of at least six adults. Potter’s House is literally saving lives by giving families a way out of the cruel, toxic environment of the Guatemala City garbage dump.

Susy says, “After growing up in the dump communities and receiving support from Potter’s House, I feel privileged to have achieved my dream and to have the wonderful opportunity of working here teaching the treasures. I remember how many times I felt like I couldn’t continue…But I always received the words of encouragement, support and the inspiration I needed from my beloved sponsors and teachers. Now that I have the privilege of serving here, it is easy for me to relate to the children, because I was one of them. I want to help these children as others helped me.”

While working at the Potter’s House after-school program, Suzy tries to lead by example. She knows the children are watching her and taking note of her achievements. She always encourages them to fight for their dreams and take advantage of the opportunities Potter’s House offers to for them to work their way out of poverty.

She says, “I am sure the Lord brought me here, because here is where he needed me to be so that I can encourage others to go beyond the dump and have a better future. The Lord has great plans, and working with my people has blessed my life in many ways too.”

-Tony M.


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