Where two or three gather in my name… I am with them.

01-16-15Wherever believers gather, Jesus is present (Matthew 18:20). It holds true for this congregation worshiping at Hope for New Life Church outside Kampala, Uganda. This unique facility doubles as an orphanage. Children live upstairs where they are raised by a resident pastor and his wife, with the help of paid caregivers. (The children really enjoy singing for the congregation!) Using this approach, the innovative church has pushed back the darkness of witchcraft, and brought the light of Christ into the community with their fervent prayers and Spirit-breathed witness. It is one of more than 100 sister churches planted throughout Uganda by a pastor who was himself an orphaned child.  We’re helping him build another church orphan home in another community. In no time it will also be filled with the worshiping faithful!

-Nola B.


Bringing Life-Giving Water to Zambia

Only 44 percent of rural Zambians have access to basic safe drinking water services. Only 19 percent have basic sanitation (toilet) facilities. Help bring clean water—and “living water”—to other villages by donating to Thriving Kids Africa campaign.

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