Hope for the Hungry



Cross International president Jim Cavnar recently had a chance to visit the children at the Esperanza de Vida (Hope of Life) emergency nutrition center in Guatemala. It’s great to see smiles of the faces of these precious girls and boys who, if not for the intervention of this Christian ministry, might not be alive today. Even among those who are rescued, some don’t survive if they aren’t found in time.

Chronic malnutrition is a deadly problem in Guatemala’s poorest communities, but there is hope. We are excited to partner with Esperanza de Vida to nourish the bodies and souls of these vulnerable children who are so dear to the heart of Christ.

-Tony M.


Uganda Landscape

The Sights and Sounds of Uganda’s culture

Cross International is proud to partner with the Project Princess Initiative to support girls in Uganda, helping them stay in school to gain a complete education and valuable training. Through working with these girls and their communities, our goal is to invest in a bright future for this nation, which offers a fascinating cultural experience to fill the senses with tastes, sights, and sounds not soon forgotten.

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