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Center for Community Transformation - Project 0218 - Philippines
Our Impact
Our donors' gifts have been crucial to efforts of CCT to help low-income Filipino families experience economic freedom. We provided poor but ambitious individuals with the microloans, business skills and encouragement they needed to start and grow their own small businesses, such as a convenience store or piggery. Accountability groups helped participants to be good stewards of their loans, while encouraging them to put their faith in God. The combination of financial support, spiritual engagement and accountability has made CCT's program a model for success.

Microloan and microenterprise programs have proven to be extremely effective ways to lift families out of poverty through self-sufficiency. By giving a subsistence-level farmer seeds to plant and animals to raise, or providing a poor widow a microloan for a small, home-based business, we are able to give them the capital they need to reach their potential. By overcoming their difficult circumstances and taking charge of their future, these men and women also regain their lost dignity. They enjoy stability and peace of mind as they provide for their families and have a positive impact on their local economy.

In 2015, we partnered with the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) in the Philippines to help low-income families experience economic freedom. Mixing faith and business is the key to CCT's success.

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