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2015 Medical Facts:

Medical clinics supported: 

Health outreach programs supported:

Medical grants provided to:
8 projects in 6 countries

Medical supplies shipped to:
7 partners in 6 countries

Value of shipped goods:
$81.5 million


Christian Home-Based Care - PROJECT #0284 - Zambia

Our Impact

In Zambia, many poor HIV/AIDS victims live desperate and lonely lives. Cut off from medical aid and kept behind closed doors, they often waste away from hunger and the ravages of the disease. Fortunately, local Christians have responded to this need by reaching out with home-based care, and Cross has been empowering their outreaches.

In 2015, Cross International funded a project to send 40 volunteer caregivers to the homes of HIV/AIDS patients and the chronically ill. These volunteers provided nursing care, nutritional supplements, prayer and much-needed friendship. The food support was critical, because the antiretroviral drugs that HIV patients take to keep their symptoms in check are ineffective without a proper diet. A small monthly stipend to the volunteers, who attend the local church that runs the program, ensured that they were able to dedicate ample time to caring for and counseling the patients.


In 2015, Cross International met the medical needs of the poor in nine countries. Our efforts focused on providing life-saving medications and supplies typically unavailable to the very poor. By funding free health clinics and by shipping key medicines to the poor in remote regions, we are able to reduce infant mortality, prevent or treat life-threating diseases, and respond to accidents and injuries before lives are lost. We believe God’s beautiful gift of life is a blessing worth cherishing and protecting. 

For example, in Afghanistan, our donors’ generous gifts supported a Christian-run hospital that provided quality medical care for poor mothers and newborns, including children requiring emergency attention in the country’s first modern neonatal intensive care unit. And in Vietnam, we supplied Christian churches with fully stocked medicine cabinets as an outreach to needy people in their communities. Because the cabinets are located in churches, the program also offers an important way to reach people with the Gospel.


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