Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


2015 Food Facts:

Grants provided to:
13 projects in 6 countries
(does not include projects categorized as education)

Food shipped to:
16 partners in 6 countries

Education centers providing student meals:

Total Vitafood meals provided:
Approximately 7.2 million meals

Countries Served:

Elohim Evangelical School - Project 0598 - Peru
Our ImpactWhen rural indigenous families first migrated to the arid outskirts of Arequipa, the land was empty and free for the taking — because nobody else wanted it. Uneducated, unemployed, and disadvantaged by racial prejudice, they pinned their hopes on the fact that they could at least have a place to live — and maybe eventually to own — even if the soil was so poor that it couldn't be used for subsistence farming. Decades later, the ground is still barren and the families are still suffering. But with help from our donors, Cross International has been able to provide daily meals for the poor children of these families. We've also helped provide a source of stability in Christ. When the children hear the Gospel at school, it gives them a spiritual shelter from life's storms. In this way, the meals become more than food — they are a conduit for sharing the "bread of life," giving these precious children a stronger faith in God.

Cross International combats malnutrition by working directly with pastors and in-country Christian ministries whose feeding programs serve impoverished children and families in Jesus' name.

In 2015, Cross International supported Christian feeding outreaches in eight countries. This support included cash grants to 13 projects (not including school feeding projects categorized as education), plus shipments of food supplies to 16 trusted partners. These overseas partners met immediate nutritional needs of the poor while playing a vital role in the church’s mission to lead souls to Jesus Christ.

For example, in Guyana, we provided meals for HIV/AIDS infected and affected children living at Ruimveldt Children's Home and Care Center. This food was especially necessary for children taking antiretroviral medications because undernourished bodies cannot properly benefit from the treatments. In Peru, we also supported a breakfast and lunch program for 230+ impoverished children attending Elohim Evangelical School. Beyond building up bodies weakened by malnutrition, food at school helps hungry students focus on their studies and get more out of their educational opportunities.

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