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Education is the key to ending poverty, but in Haiti, very few children have the opportunity. Nearly half of the population can’t afford to send their children to school. An education might change their circumstances – but that seems like an unachievable dream.

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A gift of $88 provides a scholarship in your name that will send a Haitian child to a Divine Shelter School for a year.
A gift of $22 provides a daily school
lunch to a Haitian child for a year.
A gift of $110 provides both a year-long scholarship in your name and daily lunches to a Haitian student.

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“My parents don’t have the ability to feed me and my three siblings, much less send us to school,” said 13-year-old Katiana.

Though her future seemed bleak, Katiana’s life dramatically changed when an American family created a scholarship so poor children in Haiti could receive the same benefits their children or grandchildren have experienced in America.

As a result, Katiana is now a bright and hardworking sixth grade student. She has the hope an education gives – but even more, she said she is most thankful for what she is learning about Jesus.

“A favorite verse of mine is 2 Corinthians 5:17: ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old is gone, the new is here!’”

By providing a scholarship, you and your family can change lives too. You have the power to give other children the blessings and opportunities Katiana has received. With a gift of just $88 per school year, you can make brighter futures a part of your family’s Christian legacy. Sign up today. Needy children, eager to learn, are waiting for this chance. It’s a priceless opportunity you have the power to provide!

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Cross Ministry Partner: Divine Shelter Schools

For more than a decade, Cross International has helped provide an education and nutritious, daily lunches for thousands of needy children through Divine Shelter Schools, a network of 18 primary schools serving some of the poorest communities throughout Haiti. Founded and staffed by Haitians, this outreach began with a mission to spread the Gospel of Christ – and this continues to be their primary aim. Each school is affiliated with a local church, offering students access to Bible studies and pastoral guidance. As a result of this ministry, children – who would otherwise have never received an education – are now grown and supporting their own families, working in high-paying jobs and serving as living testimonies of God’s grace to their struggling families, communities and country.

Please be blessed in knowing that when you create a scholarship, you also create a future. Thank you for your compassion!

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